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Cici's Offerings

Virtual Offerings


Do you want a YouTube video singalong of specific songs for your community which is individually created for the people in your care? 

  • Cici does that for senior residences in the Boston area.


Do you want to see how easy it is to sing, in the privacy of your own home?  

  • Cici will get you to, “Yes, I can do it!”


Do you need a recorded accompaniment arranged in a range of notes you’ll sound your best in? 

  • Cici can do that.


Do you need a song you’ve recorded to send to someone special? 

  • Cici can make that happen. 


Do you want to make a video of your family singing a happy birthday for a loved one? 

  • That can be done.



Maybe you want to learn how to play guitar to some of the old favorites of the Kingston Trio, the Beetles, Peter Paul and Mary. Remember them?

Or you have always wanted to learn how to play chords on the piano so you can enjoy the music you love.


Isn’t this the perfect time for YOU?

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